About Therapy

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to step aside from your busy life for a little while to explore how you are feeling about yourself, others and the world around you, and to address those issues that may be causing you psychological distress.

I know that life is often not easy. Maybe you find that you keep experiencing the same old problems in relationship, maybe you are suffering from loss, separation or the impact of a sudden illness or accident. Sometimes depression and/or anxiety seem to make it impossible to cope, or perhaps you are still haunted by childhood memories. Exploring these issues with a therapist who will most of all just listen and not judge, or try to fix you with well-meaning advice, can be healing in itself at a time when those closest to us may simply not know how to help. 

Gestalt Psychotherapy is an optimistic, existential therapy which believes that each person is born with the capacity to lead creative, successful lives and to form rewarding relationships. Human beings are born wired for connecting with others. However sometimes experiences and events in childhood and/or in later years interfere with our natural development and we may develop fixed patterns of relationship with parts of our selves and others that once served us well but are now preventing us from leading the lives we want.

I am passionate about exploring with you such fixed patterns and core beliefs and supporting you in making changes, if you choose to do so. Gestalt is essentially a talking therapy like most others, but pays attention to the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

I will pay attention to the relationship between us and invite you to do the same. Therapy is a safe place to experiment with how you connect with others.

Therapy can be a difficult journey and is not for everyone. You may touch on old wounds and experiences from long ago that are still painful, even if largely ferreted away. I have a strong belief in the therapeutic value of both verbal and non-verbal experimentation, including  play opportunities, for both children and adults, not only to lighten our way but also to find a sturdy path through that potentially enriching space between our inner world and external reality in the here and now.  

"Being with a loving, playful analyst (therapist) as the hopelessness of the past is experienced and lived out is not so painful and difficult. It is a life changing, intimate and joyous experience" 
(Bornstein, 2011, p. 207)